January 16, 2012

She waited......

She stood alone
A forlorn figure
Among the bare cliffs
Waiting for him…
He had gone
Promising to come back soon
So she waited…..

She scanned the horizon
Watching for a sign
Of his return – but..
The dust remained still
No stones rattled
No figure came up the hill
Whistling tunelessly.
The winds brought no word
And the birds were silent
There was no sign of him
Yet she waited…..

He had promised to return
(She knew he would)
To claim her as his own
And build a home
To share all his dreams
And make them come true
To do everything together
As they used to do….

….Sit by the fireside
   Lie counting the stars
   Hear the brook gurgling
   And the trees swaying
   Watch the rain pouring
   The snowflakes falling
   The clouds up in the sky
   The birds flying so high….
To share such moments
She waited……

A shadow flitted
Across her memory
A shadow – of her former self
With those days of fun
And carefree laughter
Running happily together
Through the woods and fields
Singing with the river
And over the hills
Walking by the sea
On the golden sand
Dashing through the snow
Always hand in hand
Crazy as the wind
And excited like kids….
…..The shadow blurred
    And merged into yesterday…..

Hair blowing across her face
She looked vacantly
At the familiar landscape
That seemed so strange to her.

Thinking of him
Memories crowded her eyes….
A drop of remembrance
From the past
Settled on her cheek
To face the winds of the future
As she waited……..

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