June 24, 2012

Facebook Life

Leading two lives
On a parallel track
A real life with its daily grind
And a virtual life… on Facebook

Where routine and monotony
Blends into the ideal life…
Where life is seemingly perfect
All are happy families…

Where it is as wonderful
As we want it to be…
Where there are no problems
No tensions, everything is great…

Where photographs are posted
For likes, shares and comments…
Where envy is invoked by
Perfect pictures of perfect vacations..

Where the number of your friends
Is a measure of your popularity…
Where opinions of strangers and
Obscure ‘friends’ matter more….

Where reminders remind us
Of birthdays and anniversaries…
Where we can talk about things
Without really having to mean them…

Where our life is an open book
With selected chapters on display….
Where we reveal only what we
Want others to see…

Where we feel that all others are
Getting a better deal than us….
Where we are forced to read statuses
Whether interested or not…

Where we can give our opinion
On anything and everything…
Where sharing is more easier
Than something original to say….

Where we sit with our green light on
Waiting for someone to chat to….
Where we talk mostly to ourselves
And imagine people are listening….

Where we spend so much of our time
As life passes us by….

June 23, 2012


a cold fire
with warm embers
ever glowing
always ready
to leap into flame…

the sun shining
behind clouds
hidden and unseen
feeling the warmth
of its presence

the mild mist
hazily drifting
borne along by
a balmy breeze
scented and fragrant

the mellow rain
softly falling
gently tugging
at the heart
to remember…

the memories
flitting at random
in and out
of the caverns
of the mind…

your love
even in absence
filling the spaces
beyond words
and distances….

a dull ache
 in the heart
gentle and throbbing
holding on
until we meet again…

June 17, 2012

Running away

She was running,
breathless and scared
through unfamiliar places..
Everything flashing by
moving in a blur
the wind on her face
whistling in her ear..

And still she ran….
into the unknown
only knowing that
she had to keep going
running this way and that
trying to be… what
they wanted her to be…

There was something
that pushed her on
so many expectations
so many dreams
all riding on her
till she began to believe
they were hers too…

Yet a vague sense
of doubt and disquiet..
as she tried to convince herself
that she was making up
for letting them down..
it was easier to accept,
than resist, until she was sure….

And so she ran on
away from her doubts
away from her fears…
away from her dreams….
little realizing that
She was running
away from herself too…

Maybe a day would come
when she could stop
and rest, and decide
what she wanted to do…
finding her own way
In her own time…
Till then, she had to go on….

The three of us

We’ve come such a long way
The three of us…
Through so many phases
So many stages….

Through childhood laughter and tears
Teenage heartaches and fears..
Through dressing up our dolls
to dressing up ourselves…
Through stylish trendy clothes
to shapeless maternity gowns...
Through changing hairstyles
and changing body shapes

Through crushes and infatuations
to love and relationships…
Through giggling and chuckling
to sharing secrets and dreams…
Through complaining about husbands
and feeling proud of our children...
Through different realities
And various priorities…

Yet together in spirit
The three of us..
there for each other
through all time…..

June 3, 2012

The Perfect Shot

She sat by the roadside
on a bulky suitcase…a picture
of fashionable elegance in a floppy hat
and cowboy boots….appearing
to have no care in the world….

Veiling the vulnerability in her eyes
behind cool shades…a veneer of
sophistication concealing
her uncertainties and the
insecure beating of her heart…

She had had enough of being
taken for granted…by family, friends…
and those who professed to love her..
For long, she had accepted their criticisms
as her faults, putting their needs before hers..

Moulding herself to their desires and
rising to their expectations…
putting her dreams on hold…
knowing she was being used, yet..
longing for their love and acceptance

She waited for the cameras to
get ready…holding her pose..
She wondered at the symbolism
and wished she could do the same
in her real life…just pack up and go…

To wherever her fancy took her…
footloose, and free to live her life
the way she wanted it to be….
Doing what she really loved
without trying to please anybody…

Yet knowing in her heart that
she would never be able to do so….
She cared too much, and people
had always been more important
to her than material things…

She valued relationships, where
she felt needed….although
at times they appeared one-sided
with everyone ready to take...
without any thought of giving…

The cameras rolled and the scene
was shot, framed for eternity…
without capturing the confusions
and thoughts that passed through
her mind in that instant….