November 12, 2008


The yellow flame shone bright
Casting shadows in the night...
The dancing fire seemed merry and gay
Letting no one see where her misery lay...

Bright and happy though she appeared
Her heart was heavy with unshed tears
One by one they trickled down
Unseen, in the glare of her golden crown

With a burning heart and drops of tears
She wasted away before her years
The darkness, her foe, was also her friend
And waited to embrace her in the end..

A final burst, a flicker of light
And she merged into the night
The spiralling smoke, the glowing spark
Was all that was left in the dark

What happened to her?
Did you see her go?
Did the darkness come?
Or did the wind blow?....

...But she'll come again, happy and bright
Bringing light, pleasure and joyous delight
Whenever darkness frightens man
She helps out as best as she can

Silently, she suffers alone,
Her grief a mystery, ever unknown
Why does she suffer so?
Nobody ever seems to know.

The mask of joy is all one sees.....
....The searing pain is borne unseen!

Without You, Brother....

Climbing up the stairs
To an empty room
With a heavy heart,
So full of gloom

Feeling so lonely.
Confused and alone,
Reluctant to return
And come back home.

Feeling like an intruder,
A stranger on my own,
Without you, it just doesn't
Seem like home.

The cold indifference,
The veiled thoughts
The barbed words
And no one to talk to....

Though you are not here
Your presence is everywhere
In the mess on the table,
The clothes thrown around
The jumble of books
And cassettes everywhere.....

And I keep waiting .....
.... to hear your step on the stairs
and your rumbling laughter,
to see that smile on your face
and that twinkle in your eyes .....

I know all this sounds like mushy goo,
But brother, I really do miss you!