April 4, 2010


I wonder if you know how blessed I feel
To have you in my life as a friend…my special friend

You are always there to listen and hear me out
You help me hold on when I want to pull out

You help me keep in sight my various priorities
You help me see things in their proper perspective

You reflect my thoughts and help put them in order
You never judge me or take me for granted

You are there to share my laughter and my tears
You never make fun of my insecurities and fears

The warmth of your care and understanding is so real
It’s not what you say or do but how you make me feel

You make me feel good and proud about myself
You give me confidence and restore faith in myself

You accept me the way I am, I don’t have to act with you
I can just be myself and tell anything to you

You coax and encourage me to try out my wings
You help me face with a smile whatever life brings

You trust and support me in all that I do
And lift me up when I feel low or blue

You always cheer me up whenever I’m sad
And always take time to make me feel good from bad

You can see my soul though we are apart
You believe in me and listen to my heart

You walk by my side even in the rain
You hear my silence and feel my pain

All this may sound like sentimental mush
But I do cherish your friendship so much

You are one of life’s special gifts to me
My soul sister……My friend……