March 1, 2012


They had come again ..the glowering storm clouds
Frowning at me, as I stood there in despair
Losing my fight against the bare earth….

They seemed angry, as if they’d guessed
I was on the verge of giving up….
That I didn’t care what happened anymore…

I wonder how they knew what was on my mind..
A calculated guess seeing my beseeching arms?
Or the bleak hopelessness in my stance?

But what did they know…of being alone and unwanted?
They always moved in a crowd, united and together…..
How could they understand my loneliness and pain?

What did it matter if I lived or died?
Who cared what I thought or did?
It was not that easy to be strong….

I would soon have my answer….to hold on or to let go…
Either they would revive me to continue my struggle…
Or their fury would finally set my spirit free…..

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